Power Solutions

Powering peace of mind

Saunders is known for Powering Peace of Mind and works with the BEST clientele in live Entertainment, live Sports, live Events and Corporate Projects.

mobile ups system

Saunders Mobile UPS systems come in various sizes and footprints to accommodate the space restrictions in your compounds.

Studio Quiet Generators

Selection of the appropriate sized  generator for your event is crucial for engineering the right solution for Peace of Mind. 

live broadcast power trucks

The all purpose solution to deliver redundant generators in a small footprint, set & equipment storage and provide transportation services for multi-city packaged events.

Production Trailers

28′ to 40′ “C” Unit trailers with full underbelly storage, large platform lift gates for camera dollies, sideline dollies, utility and golf carts. Custom interiors with work stations, air conditioning and lighting.


Extensive selection of transformers available for rentals or inclusion in Power Solution packaged services.

Power Distribution & Cable Crossovers

Saunders offers a range of switches, cam distros, with distribution to cables with Cam-Lok™, 30A L2130, 50A Californa Hubbell, RV 30A, RV 50A, and Edison outlets.  We also provide crossovers, ADA crossovers, & cable wedges.


Selection of HVAC units available for rentals or inclusion in Power Solution packaged services.

Peace of Mind Employees

Together with our power design engineers, our show techs and generator operators pull your project together with the equipment needed for a turnkey power solution so you can focus on your creative needs.