Live Broadcast power trucks

Saunders engineered and designed with Peterbilt, a unique tractor that can accommodate two 175KW studio quiet generators and also tow a trailer behind.  Russell Saunders, Frank Soggiu and Bill Kanne worked together to design efficiency into our fleet to help lower some of the transportation costs associated with the sports industry following weekly games in different locations.

Live Broadcast style one

Product Specifications

LB Truck version 1 has a Peterbilt Tractor with two 175KW Studio quiet generators permanently mounted on a custom truck bed with room for cable/equipment hampers and a lift gate. The tractor has a pintle hitch for towing trailers or addtional generators from site to site.

live broadcast style two

Product Specifications

LB Truck version 2 has a Peterbilt Tractor with two 175kW Studio quiet generators mounted on custom slide rails attached to the truck bed which that allows the two generators to slide forward during transportation so the fifth wheel tractor hitch can tow our production trailers with one tractor. Once onsite, the production trailer is parked, removed from hitch and the generators slide back on the slider rails for access to all sides of the generator.



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