Saunders’ Internal

Education Methodology

Saunders has developed an internal training course work for all our employees that want to become show techs.  There are about 25 courses from the most basic to the advanced to ensure that our people get consistent training followed with experience before moving to each level of their career path.  As Saunders grows, we’re working hard to make sure our level of quality people stays stellar! 

About Saunders' Education

Since 2001, Russell Saunders has been offering professional courses in power technologies to members of the entertainment and industrial community. Hosted at either our Los Angeles or Nashville locations, courses last an entire day and cover a multitude of various topics including hands-on demonstrations. 

Russell’s talent for simplifying technical topics and providing industry specific examples help attendees remember how to apply what they’ve learned. Classes are fun, interactive, and open to discussion and questions. Lessons are interspersed with real-life situations to better explain theories and practices discussed in the course, and all our guests are invited to bring questions!

All courses can be customized to your companies or organizations needs.

Basic Course


  • Concepts of Electricity
    • Sources
    • Uses
  • How to connect and disconnect power
  • Grounding and more grounding!
  • How to determine sizes of:
    • cable
    • transfer switches
    • transformers
    • circuit breakers
  • Transformer Basics
    • How do they work?
    • Types & Sizes
    • Duty Rating & Uses
  • Power Distribution
    • Methods on stages and productions
  • Fluke Data Waveforms
  • Basic Testing Equipment
  • Safety
Advanced Course
  • Basic Review of Electricity Concepts
  • Advanced Grounding
    • How to troubleshoot
  • Transformers
    • Delta, WYE, Open Delta
    • Taps, how they work, why & how to change them, grounding issues, iron core loss ratios, and high & low voltage
  • Specialty Transformers
    • Isolation, balanced output, electrostatic shielding, & how to determine need
  • Power Distribution
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Code requirements – reality vs. theory
    • Historesis
    • Disparate power sources
  • Regulators
  • UPS
  • Harmonics in power
  • Generators
  • Co-Generation
  • Advanced Testing Equipment
  • Safety
  • Safety Training Course
Tie-In Certification Course
  • OSHA Overview
  • Correct PPE
  • Proper Meter Usage
  • Tie-in techniques
Local Unions & Companies

All courses can be customized to your companies or organization’s needs.

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