Live sports broadcast

We understand what live at 5pm truly means.

We bring power so the plays count for the entire game.

Keeping the game on keeps fans and advertisers on your side. Saunders’ record of reliability and revered expertise is always competitive in value and outcome.

Skill and Speed for the Pace of Your Production.

  • Saunders outperforms any provider in delivering an all-encompassing power solution for live sports broadcasts.
  • Highly trained and certified electrical technicians are available and adaptable for broadcasting sports live from anywhere in the country.
  • Our team’s desire to make sure you win is why we show up.

Value and Benefit Saunders Brings to Your Live Sports Broadcast:

  • Our mobility and ease of transportation to get our people and equipment to your live broadcast.
  • Our ability to adapt to your specific need increases efficiency and reduces cost.
  • Our proven reputation of always reliable, delivering powerful solutions for seamless live broadcasts.

Live Broadcast Power Truck Line-Up

  • UPS or Paralleled Generators
  • Trained UPS Techs/Electricians/Generator operators
  • Power Distribution Package
  • Cable Ramps
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Fast one-man setup
  • Fuel Efficient, low emission, quiet generators
  • Large onboard fuel supply
  • 24/7 Tech support


Let us show you the Saunders difference…