live events

We’ve got your back, so you can focus on your creative needs.

Engaging a live audience for a product announcement, movie premiere, large party event or internal corporate presentation is only successful if the camera, lights, sound, special effects and fiber output work. Saunders vast power experience provides what you need to advise and manage the success of your LIVE event.


Planning and producing live events creates vulnerabilities for things to go wrong. Audio, video and special effects all require power to perform without interruption. Whether you are producing an event for your company or client, your stakeholder will be at ease thanks to Saunders 65+ years of reliability.


Tell us what you want; we’ll tell you what you need.  Our team works with you to understand the scope of your power needs, with the ability to work with your team to create a cost effective solution from scratch, if need be. This expertise  is the result of decades of experience making the biggest events happen successfully, every time.


Our all-encompassing knowledge and solutions mean we can handle backing up any idea.  Our iconic longevity in the live industry speaks to our commitment to clients and their successes.  Our maintenance standards and training protocols greatly minimize the opportunity for failure onsite.


Let us show you the Saunders difference…