Live entertainment broadcast

We understand what LIVE AT 5PM truly means….

We do power that empowers productions to produce flawless live broadcasts.

Our offering of power solutions and equipment is diverse. If a solution doesn’t exist for your need, we’ll engineer a solution. The technical know-how and commitment to bringing a solution to every client’s need make Saunders the gold standard industry-wide.

Value and Benefit Saunders Brings to Your Live Broadcast:

Our people and power equipment are always reliable.
Our reputation is award-winning, well earned with not one, but two Engineering Emmys®. Our clients have peace of mind to produce their events.

Seamless System and Services

Saunders systems react, adapt and transform that moment from potential power failure to seamless power transition (with no one the wiser.) That’s where our team owns it.


Saunders utilizes strict maintenance programs for all its rental equipment, with replacement of key components before the expected life expectancy expires and extensive, regimented servicing of engines to make sure your equipment works and the trucks used to transport the equipment, gets there when it should.


Let us show you the Saunders difference…