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The Mitsubishi Electric Q Series Control Platform
Here at Saunders Electric, we have upgraded to a new control platform for our Load Command System. This improved human-machine interface provides a more intuitive experience for the operator. The upgraded Load Command System provides many advantages, such as faster processing speeds, advanced analog control, and a smaller hardware footprint, leaving more space for other devices.

Reliable control of our power systems is a critical part of what we do and we have been using Mitsubishi control platforms with our Load Command Systems since 1994 without a single power failure. We are looking forward to the advantages this upgraded control platform will bring to us and our customers.

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Now Hiring Electricians
Saunders Electric is now hiring qualified electricians for our Los Angeles location. A state certification and a minimum of 2 years experience is required. We are offering full time positions with full benefits.

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Saunders Electric opens in Tennessee
The Saunders Electric headquarters has opened our second location in Nashville, Tennessee. As a nationally centralized location, it will serve as the main hub for live sports broadcast and entertainment.

Key personnel are in the process of relocating to Tennessee in order to support both office locations with our continued quality services as our headquarters shifts from Los Angeles to Nashville over the next several months.
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