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UPS Systems
The UPS System takes an existing utility power source and directs it through an on-board battery system through a process of inversion and conversion. This conditioned power, which maintains a consistent voltage regardless of the condition of its input, is then distributed to the client through its integrated CamLok distribution switch panel.

In the event of a utility power outage or instability, the battery system instantaneously takes control of the load until an attached auto-start generator is turned on. Once the generator is up to speed and ready to handle the demands of the production, an automatic transfer switch transfers the load to the generator until the utility supply is stable once again.

Widely used by the entertainment industry today, the UPS system guarantees total power redundancy in the event of an electrical failure. With a 100% success rate, its reliability and environmentally friendly effects are unparalleled within its high-power category.

UPS with 300kw generator
  • Uses Utility Landline power source
  • 24/7 Continuous, No or low-emissions power
  • Single 300kw generator on standby 24/7
  • (runs only in the event of a utility outage)
  • Built in voltage regulators and Harmonics filters
  • (eliminates voltage instabilities from utility line)
  • Completely automated and portable
  • Significantly reduces fuel costs and tailpipe emissions
  • (provides the best environmental impact scenario)