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Transformers are generally more cost effective than generators. On average, transformers cost 40-50% less to operate than generators and run 24 hours a day, maintenance free, naturally green, usually without an operator, and are virtually twice as quiet!

Our transformer rental stock contains all sizes of transformers from small Buck/Boost-Standard step down units - specialty isolation shielded units - to large substation studio units. All of our transformers come with primary and secondary switches, roll bar protection, and either dolly or skid/trailer mounted.

Conventional Transformers
240Δ & 480Δ - 208Υ/120V
  • primary and secondary switches
  • fan cooled for optimum performance at high ampacity output
  • wheel mounted for easy site relocation and connection
  • roll bars built around them to protect them during shipping and placement
  • cam in/out reverse neutral and ground
  • standard 2 1/2% taps 2+/-
This type of transformer is the most commonly used transformer. It is often used in production facilities, live broadcasts, filming, and other entertainment industry needs.
Available Sizes:
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At 208Y/120V Output:
Other input/output voltages available.

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