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We offer a full spectrum of power related services from locations surveys, engineering, and equipment maintenance to off-lot production power systems, fueling, and permit services. We also have technicians and generator operators available for on-call needs. Our technicians can assist you in conducting site surveys and in the design and implementation of your projects. Should the need arise we can provide a licensed electrical engineer for certification needs.

Location Surveys
We are available to assist you in conducting site surveys as part of an overall power design. If you are planning an event and are looking to conduct a site survey, have one of our professional power design engineers with you to ensure the job is done right.

As part of the survey, we present the most cost effective, environmentally friendly power plan available to you. Our custom solutions are designed to exceed your expectations and include:
  • Providing on-site power design engineering logistics.
  • Calculating power loads and distrubition needs.
  • Providing electrical permits.
  • Standby generators and technicians for total redundancy.
  • Fueling services.
Equipment Fabrication
We can create or customize equipment: transformers, switches, cables, adapters, and many more custom items.

Call us for more details.
Generator Maintenance
Over 30 years of generator experience enables our mechanics to efficiently service and maintain our units to optimal performance. We have a comprehensive maintenance program that keeps our fleet in top running condition. Customer generator service is available upon request.
Off-Lot Production Power
Many off-lot production sites have ample landline utility based power systems available. When properly used, these systems can significantly reduce productions costs by way of using less diesel driven generators, which is much more environmentally friendly. Call us for a power survey to determine utility based power systems availability.
Our fueling trucks are fully permitted with the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department for on-location refueling of generators.

Saunders Electric is a fully licensed and insured California C-10 electrical contractor. We can provide electrical permits for all production sites.

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