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1953 Academy Awards, Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California
1953 NBC Theatre in New York - First live simulcast
In 1952, the Paul Gilbert electric company began serving the entertainment industry providing power for most of the high profile television broadcasts. One of the first productions powered was the 1953 Academy Awards. Saunders Electric and Paul Gilbert electric merged in 1989. Saunders continued the tradition of providing the highest quality power service to the Entertainment Industry. Saunders Electric has developed a reputation for an unequaled pursuit of excellence and has become an industry icon. This iconic status requires us to maintain and pursue our passion to be the highest quality power company on a daily basis.

Saunders Electric has been providing reliable portable power for Live broadcasts and Hollywood productions since 1952. We were awarded a Technical Emmy速 for development of the Synchronous Power System. Family owned and operated, Saunders Electric is an innovation leader in energy saving systems, and is an alternative energy partner with Sandia National Laboratories.

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Russell Saunders
President & CEO (SEI)
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Candace Saunders
President & CEO (SELLC)
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Frank Soggiu
Fleet Manager
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Bill Kanne
Sports Broadcast Manager
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Ron Brewer
Facilities Operations Manager
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Tamara Kauffman
Special Events Coordinator
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Main Office:
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Fax: (818) 771-0107

Saunders Electric Inc.
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Saunders Electric is always looking for qualified personnel to help the company grow.

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We offer competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package, including a 401(k) program and comprehensive healthcare.

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