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PDS & Synchronous System
This EMMY ® Award Winning Mobile Power Station was developed by Russell Saunders to guarantee uninterrupted power from two disparate sources for a technical compound during a live broadcast. This unique Mobile Power Station technology is available only through Saunders Electric as a self contained truck or trailer providing complete transportable power distribution, data acquisition and synchronous power. Since even automatic transfer switches will cause power loss/fluctuations that typically are not acceptable to technical facilities, this system provides the first ever continuous power source that can not be disrupted by a utility company blackout or generator malfunction.

The generator and utility power sources are synchronized to eliminate the need for a transfer switch. The station is completely mobile for ease of use in any technical production compound. The station is capable of providing complete power transformation and separate distribution for lighting and technical use on any production. This station and associated generator(s) can be operated and monitored by a single technician.

Data Acquisition & Monitoring System
Used to capture power utilization during the rehearsals and live performance for systems analysis and monitoring Voltage, Amperage, and Frequency of Power distribution mains and sub-distribution. A built in paging feature automatically engages based upon pre-determined criteria enabling the technician to leave the station to service power users and be automatically pages if an alarm goes off. This system enables us to provide real time analysis of power consumption, peak loads, and load distribution anytime during the rehearsals, production as well as logging data for later analysis. Developed by Saunders Electric, the system warns of high/low set alarms, over current draws, overheating of critical switch gear and control systems, total system condition as well as various programmable parameters. These time saving attributes enable the station technician to monitor and adjust the technical and lighting distribution systems for optimum performance.