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Live Broadcast Power Solutions
Saunders Electric has been providing power for Hollywood Entertainment since 1952. Not just a generator rental company, we are Power Design Engineers. With 60 years of experience in portable generation, transformation, and distribution, we are the premier power provider for live broadcast and televised events. Our pre-engineered power packages are designed for complete redundancy. Saunders Electric was awarded a Technical Emmy for the Synchronous System. Call us for solutions that save fuel, reduce your carbon footprint, and combat global warming.
Our Clients Include:
The Emmy Awards
The Academy Awards
The Country Music Awards
The BET Awards
Survivor Season Finale
The Voice, The Talk, and Big Brother
The ESPN College World Series
Any many, many more...

Reliable Power Solutions
Uninterruptible Power Supply System
The Saunders Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) means ZERO EMISSIONS with the utility company being the primary power provider. In the event of a utility power outage or instability, the battery system instantaneously takes control of the load until an attached auto-start generator is turned on.

Once the generator is up to speed and ready to handle the demands of the production, an automatic transfer switch transfers the load to the generator until the utility supply is stable once again. A backup standby generator guarantees uninterrupted power with minimal emissions. This is the cleanest solution.
Power Distribution Station & Synchronous System
PDS The Saunders Electric Synchronous System, housed inside of our PDS, combines utility power and generator power. At the heart of the system is the Load Commander, which balances load between two power sources. If one of the power sources blacks out, the Load Commander will immediately transfer load to the remaining power source.

The Saunders Synchronous System can reduce emissions by up to 83% by combining utility and generator power. The generator only runs during broadcast periods, but the utility line is on 24/7.
Paralleled Generators
PARAGEN All Saunders Electric generators have been built to parallel together regardless of size. This allows us to interchange units within our fleet as needed for service or simply to increase bus load capabilities. We can parallel to other company's generators using our PDS/Sync System.

Properly sized paralleled generators can reduce tailpipe emissions by 66%, create a safer working environment and consume less fuel for a more sustainable production. This is the total off grid power redundancy option.