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It takes more than just a generator and some cable to provide power for one of the biggest industries in the world. Providing portable power for Hollywood Entertainment requires passion, a commitment to excellence, and an insatiable desire to innovate and continually search for more efficient technologies and practices. Saunders Electric Incorporated isn’t just another generator rental company – we’re a team of the best and brightest electrical engineers that, since the 1990’s, has been dedicated to making Hollywood as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Synchronous and UPS systems are the ultimate in reducing greenhouse gasses while never compromising power stability and reliability. Our power designs, engineered to meet the specific needs of every production, reduce fossil fuel consumption and wasted power so the carbon footprint of our industry continues to shrink. Whether backing up a megawatt production or transforming a utility power source, upgrading a facility’s house switch panel or powering the most advanced video and audio equipment in entertainment history, we are committed to making every show as environmentally friendly as possible.

As Saunders Electric continues to further the greening of Hollywood in 2013, we are proud to introduce the industry’s only dual Synchronous and UPS power station, PDS 5, as well as the first zero-emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, Altergy’s 5kw Freedom Power System. We look forward to further developing these exciting new technologies along with our unmatched professional service in the year ahead. Together, we can continue to make Hollywood green with viable, cost effective solutions.

To Bio or Not to Bio?
Although Bio Diesel generators are available from Saunders Electric, the portable entertainment power industry relies heavily on standard diesel for a few key reasons:
  • Biodiesel is less efficient than standard diesel by an energy content falloff of 11%. You have to burn more fuel for the same power!
  • Biodiesel causes engine performance problems in filtration, injection, and sealants.
  • Engines that burn Bio Diesel cannot be retroactively used to run on Diesel. Once Bio Diesel, Always Bio Diesel.
  • Oil changes must be done twice as often. Each oil change requires 10 gallons of oil!
  • Bio Diesel thickens at lower temperatures, thereby limiting its applicability in cold environments
To learn more about Biodiesel, read
Greening Initiatives in the Entertainment Industry
By Russell S. Saunders

Did you know?
According to the EPA, Bio Diesel B20 fuel reduces Carbon Monoxide and Particulate matter, and increases Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) tailpipe emissions. However, the overall difference in tailpipe air quality does not outweigh the increased oil consumption, engine wear, and reduced power conversion efficiency that effects the logistics of operating the portable generator fleet.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies

hf2 In addition to our generator fleet, Saunders Electric has partnered with Sandia National Laboratories to develop the industry's first hydrogen fuel cell alternatives for power power generation and utility lighting needs. The first stage of this process is the use of the EarthSmart H2LT towable plant and light tower for production utility needs on red carpet events and sets. This light tower is studio quiet, easy to refuel, and produces no greenhouse gases or pollutant materials. It is the first step toward making fuel cell technology a reliable option in designing portable power.

hf1 H2LT Earth Smart Tower Specifications:
  • Up to 66 hours of continuous, full-lighting operation.
  • All Solid State design -- no moving parts.
  • 5kw Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) generator.
  • 8 Plasma Lights produce 23,000 lumens per light with a 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • Ultra-Rugged on-board alluminum alloy storage tanks (DOT certified).
  • EPA Certified Zero emissions system.
Curious about our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project?

Take a look at our flyer to learn more about how Saunders Electric, in partnership with Altergy Systems, is bringing Hydrogen to Hollywood.
Tower Height: 33.9'
Wind Stability: 65mph
Weight: 2,700 lb.

Why Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is at the forefront of alternative fuel development for several key reasons: it's the most abundant fuel source on the planet, it's safer for your health than fossil fuels, and it's a constantly renewable energy source. In a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), hydrogen atoms are separated and rebuilt as water molecules. By temporarily "stripping" an electron off a hydrogen atom we are able to generate electricity without destroying the fuel.

As it applies in Hollywood, Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered devices are superior to traditional diesel powered equipment for:

1. No moving parts makes it ultra quiet.
2. It eliminates toxic fumes and smells.
3. It's safe to use indoors.
4. Operation is user friendly and responsive.

As part of our commitment to improving the way we provide portable power for live events, Saunders Electric is proud to offer the H2LT Earth Light as a component of our total portable power designs.