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Emergency Power
Saunders Electric is standing by 24/7 to assist your business with emergency power outage solutions and generator tie-in service. Our highly trained electrician staff have over 30 years of experience providing solutions to keep your building powered in the event of a total utility failure.

Need power now?
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Saunders Electric offers the following services on location:
  • Licensed electrical contractor.
  • Portable Power delivered directly to your site.
  • Fully insured service.
  • Permits.
  • On-Site Fueling service for power generation.

We perform only the highest quality work and follow the strictest standards of performance and safety.


Power Outages
The production team's ultimate nightmare - a total black-out power failure.

Whether the cause is a generator mechanical failure or a utility company black-out, we can help. We have specialized technicians and equipment ready 24/7 to provide power systems to get your facility and production back online.
We have extensive experience in back feeding existing power systems and structures. From production locations sites to large industrial buildings we can provide power generators and tranformers for multiple voltage and current applications. Our experienced technicians have provided back feed interconnections at countless locations and have maintained a 100% safety record. Experience and safe practices coupled with quality equipment and properly trained personnel creates a successful combination.
Planned Outages
Quite often, the power serving agency - the utility company - will have a scheduled maintenance or repair to perform which will require a scheduled or planned outage. In these instances, it is left up to the customer to provide for interim power while the maintenance is being performed.

We have performed numerous back feed connections in both a co-generation format and manual transfer configurations. When properly planned, these transitions are quite often transparent to the end use customer which translates into little to no down time. In today's business climate, we can little afford loss of revenue due to power outages. A planned outage transition power system is the best solution. Call us for a planned outage survey.